Kresha Family in America

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     This is the definitive update, based on Lillian Kresha Witulski's "Kresha Families in America 1888-1988" published in 1988. This edition includes color photos from the actual place where Kresha's in America originated along with detailed genealogical information. It includes seven generations in Moravia plus a contextual history of the area plus what happened to all of Theodor and Cecilia's children, five of whom came to the United States. There is detailed information in the easy-to-read format. The book is printed on demand by and makes a great family keepsake and family history narrative.

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     This is a website dedicated to those of us whose Last Name is Kresha.  It is an unusual last name, most are in the United States.  All of the Kresha's in America are descendants of Theodor and Cecilia Kressa.  Adolf and Joseph were the only sons who married and had children, to our knowledge.     

     If you are aware of related Kressa's or Kresha's in the United States or Germany, please get in touch on the Contact page - we are anxious to meet new relatives!

     The Kresha family name is an Americanized version of 'Kressa', the family name of five family members who immigrated to the United States from what is now Girsig/Jirikov, North Moravia, Czech Republic. They were born in Hradec, now Nova Hradecčna. Those are Czech name; the German names were Grätz and Markersdorf. If you are looking for more information on this family, please check out the photos and information on this site, as well as the definitive book above.


Theodor Kressa II, born Aug 31, 1834; died Nov 11,1915,

and his first wife, Cecilia Girikovsky Kressa, 1836 - 1894. Theodor had a second wife, whom he married in the late 1890's, a widow with small children. We'd love more information if you have it! Theodor died in Hradec, and believe the widow's name was Rosalia or similar.

The five children who emmigrated to the United States were:

Theodore (Kressa) Kresha, III. born June 22,1862; died July 19,1938 in New York.

Amelia Kressa Kuhnel, born July 10,1866; died Aug 7, 1932 in Shelby, NE

Anna Kressa Karges, born Mar 14, 1871; died Dec 20, 1957, Clarks, NE

Adolf Kresha, Sr. born Apr 4, 1873; died Feb 1, 1950, in Polk County, NE

Josef Ferdinand Kresha, born Feb 13, 1876;  died Apr 30, 1945 in Martinez, California

The two who did not migrate were:

Cecilia Kressa (Scholz) Thiel, born July 7, 1860; died in Moravia (probably)

Aloisia (Kressa) Weixler, born July 7, 1868;  died in Moravia (probably), but has descendants in Florida.

     This site provides background on folks who have passed on, their stories as collected, along with some documents and photographs. This history of the name and its spelling is here explained!  Learn more about them!